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Heritage Hearing Aid Solutions provides hearing healthcare services to Newport Beach, Irvine, and all of their adjacent cities and communities; and all with the highest standards of quality and care.  Every individual’s hearing needs are unique; and we keep that in mind with each patient in order to deliver outstanding hearing healthcare.

We offer a wide range of services that include hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, programming and adjustments, auditory counseling, in-home care, and hearing aid repair.

We offer hearing aids from the world’s top manufacturers with the most advanced technology available; and we work with our patients to determine technological needs and solutions that fit their lifestyles and budget.

Services Offered


  • State of the Art Hearing Testing
  • Complete line of Digital Hearing Aids; From Most Major Manufacturers
  • Complete line of Wireless Accessories Including FM and Streaming Devices
  • Personalized Delivery and Programming of Hearing Aids
  • Complete Repair and Servicing of Most Makes and Models of Hearing Aids
  • Custom Ear Molds, Ear Protection, and Music Accessories
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Auditory Counseling
  • Follow-up Care Programs
  • In-Home Care or On-Site Calls Available by Appointment
  • Provider of Most Major Manufacturers Service Warranties; Including Loss & Damage

… And More

About Us

hand-holding-hearing-aidSince 1988, Heritage Hearing Aid Solutions has been helping patients hear better and live more active, happy, and productive lives.  Excellence is our standard; and we achieve it everyday utilizing the most advanced instrumentation, processes, and procedures.  If you or a loved one is struggling to hear, please call today and schedule your no-risk appointment.  Come discover what thousands of Californians already know – the difference that Heritage Hearing Aid Solutions can make.

Beautiful office … great centralized location … and a calm, positive atmosphere. Oh, and how my new hearing aids have made my life so much better.”

—J.H., San Clemente, CA

“I loved that I was able to have my hearing aids customized to work with my lifestyle.”

—P.M., Newport Beach

“My Audioprosthologist, Shauna, paid special attention to the details of my hearing loss; and she was able to program my hearing aids so well and with such patience … I actually loved the experience.”

—R.H., Laguna Beach, CA

I can hear so much better in noise now … while at work, while watching TV with my family, and now there is no more whistling or feedback when I talk on the phone.”

—C.B., Irvine, CA

My family is so happy that they don’t have to repeat themselves to me anymore … I feel that I’m actually living better with my new hearing aids.”

—J.W., Newport Beach, CA

Meet The Audioprosthologist; and our hearing instrument specialist

Shauna Land

Audioprosthologist, BA, BC-HIS, ACA

Shauna Land, Audioprosthologist, BA, BC-HIS, ACA

  • Board certified Hearing Instruments Sciences
  • Licensed by the Speech Language Pathology, Audiology, and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board
  • Member International Hearing Aid Society
  • Fellow of American Council of Audioprosthology
  • Member of Hearing Healthcare Providers of California

Hearing FAQs

man_listeningQ: What’s the difference between a hearing aid and a personal sound amplifier?

A: A hearing aid is classified as a medical device and is intended to help someone compensate for hearing loss.  A personal sound amplifier is intended to amplify sounds for a non-hearing-impaired person for things like recreational type activities.  Personal sound amplifiers are not an adequate substitute for hearing aids; and should only be used after hearing loss has been ruled out by a hearing healthcare professional.

Q: What are the signs of hearing loss?

A: Signs of hearing loss include the following:

  • It seems like everyone around you is mumbling
  • You find yourself straining to hear others
  • Those around you complain that you turn-up the TV volume too loud
  • People tell you that you’re nearly shouting when you speak
  • You often have to ask people to repeat what they said

If you recognize any of these signs with yourself, or someone that you know, we strongly urge you to contact us to get answers.

Q: How do I approach a family member or friend who has hearing loss but denies it?

A: As frustrating as it may be to watch someone that you care about deny an issue, the best thing that you can do is be positive and support him/her as much as possible.  A positive approach will show that you care; and that goes a long way to help someone feel motivated to address the issue.  Once he/she is ready to make an appointment, offer to tag-along for extra support.

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Heritage Hearing Aid Solutions


19742 MacArthur Blvd., #210
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Email: heritagehearing@live.com

To make an appointment, call 949‑462‑0000 or click here to request an appointment online.

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Located where the cities of Newport Beach and Irvine meet

… at the corner of Jamboree and MacArthur

… enter at Centerpointe Road off of Jamboree (near the Google™ building)

We’re located in the ‘Caduceus’ medical building

19742 MacArthur Blvd., #210 … Second Floor (Please feel free to use the elevator)